pembertonsoccerclub about - About Our BlogPemberton Soccer Club was born with the idea of ​​Shannon Sanders, a working woman, and mother of 2 male soccer fans. When her children enthusiastically attended their soccer practices at the school’s club, Shannon stayed to wait for them to finish.

While she was there, she shad conversations with the other parents that belonged to the club and which brought to light concerns regarding club events, schedules, among others.

This happened rather frequently and that led and motivated Shannon to create an interactive blog, established by mothers and fathers. They all belong to the same football club and could use the blog to keep track of the activities it carried out.

Through the interaction between parents and professionals belonging to this club, agreements could be reached. All issues regarding the activities both established and to be established, are talked about.

Taking the opinions expressed by each of the parents into consideration has been the winning ticket, as Pemberton Soccer Club member’s doubts and concerns are resolved.

The participation of parents within Pemberton Soccer Club is regarded as crucial because they are the sponsors of recreational and festive activities that are organized. These take place when special occasions arise, such as children’s’ birthdays, the coach’s birthday, or events after each winning soccer game.

What makes Pemberton Soccer Club more than just a club and feeling like family, is its proactive members. There is plenty of interaction between the parents of the team members and the coaches, the bonds are born only grow stronger in time.

This is the overall aim of this interactive blog, to support those bonds that exist within the club, incorporating all the members and also the parents along with the club’s coach. We also love the idea of inspiring other football parents and teams to take initiatives that promote togetherness and understanding.