Top YouTube Channels for Football Parents - Top YouTube Channels for Football Parents

Part of our job as soccer parents is helping our children get motivated and improve their playing skills. We have had excellent results using these YouTube Channels and we want to share them with you.


This is a YouTube channel that belongs to Soccer Clinics and it’s a wonderful source of tips and advice to help you and your coach with your children’s playing techniques. They upload up to three videos a month that will guide you through the process.

Progressive Soccer Training

In this channel, you can see videos with tricks and workouts designed to help your children become better players. Additionally, they also share training drills and some tips in their weekly videos.

The Coaching Manual

As the name implies, this channel offers you plenty of resources to help with your children’s training, but what makes it unique is that it aims at forming professional players. They upload two video coaching sessions a month.


This German channel uploads about 24 videos a year but it is a gold mine of soccer-related content. It’s all about seminars, drills, exercises and even tactical analysis that will help you, as a parent, to understand better.

Online Soccer Academy

Their upload frequency is a bit low, but each video supports hard work as a path to become a great soccer player through wonderful training videos.

Keep it on the Deck

An Irish channel that uploads videos for football soccer fans all across the globe to enjoy, including match clips, game analysis, and the highlights of the sports in general. If you want to find videos to help your coach out, they also upload plenty of coaching videos that will give them ideas for drills and exercises.

With their 3 videos a week, they have motivational ones too.

Inside Soccer

For those parents wishing to really get involved in their children’s training, this channel will be an important source of information to help them understand the sport a bit better. Their videos include interviews with members of top clubs, training sessions, and even some training drills.

Joner 1on1 Football Training

This Australian channel provides you with videos that handle the basics of the sport, talking and showing you some skills, strategies, fitness tips, drills, technique, and so on. The aim of the channel is to help your children reach their full playing potential, through one video a week.