Goalkeepers – Training Made Easy

If your child is a goalkeeper, they have a crucial part to play in your team because they are in charge of keeping the opposing team from scoring a goal. If you want to help them perform flawlessly on the next match, here are some easy training drills that you can use with them.

Footwork Training

Goalkeepers Training Made Easy woman soccer player - Goalkeepers - Training Made Easy

A crucial skill for goalkeepers is their footwork, which you need to start training after a 10-minute warm-up that includes jogging and stretching exercises. After they are warmed up, you can do footwork mirroring by moving back and forth and quickly changing your direction, having them mirror your movements.

Ready Position

Goalkeepers Training Made Easy goalkeeper sunlight - Goalkeepers - Training Made Easy

This 5-minute training drill can be done by performing that footwork mirroring, but you will yell Shot! In the middle of it to indicate the goalkeeper to return to the ready position. They should be light on their toes and you need to fake a shot with the ball now and then to make sure this triggers them to come ready.

Training their Hands

Goalkeepers Training Made Easy goalie throw - Goalkeepers - Training Made Easy

Start with a 5-minute long warm-up session during which you will be shuffling back and forth with your goalkeeper and all along tossing the ball among each other. As the drill progresses, you should throw the ball to the goalkeeper’s side every so often. Make sure the hands’ position is good and make it trickier by shuffling so the ball comes from behind.

These are some drills that you can do alone with your goalkeeping child and which will improve their skills in the field. Keep in mind that repetition and constancy are key and doing this with your child strengthens the bond while keeping them motivated.